Web site experiences

This page is limited to my own experience. I dont want to open it to public feedback like elsewhere as sites leave reviews of themselves, sometimes hundreds of positive self reviews. There are so many dating sites associated with Ukraine it is impossible to keep up with them. Below are some of the more common or larger ones. Some are clearly pure scam as one cant even contact the site.

AnastasiaDate, a well developed, sophisticated and expensive site to use. So many scams start here it is best avoided. It is the site many want to emulate for its profits and is one of the most tempting. Unfortunately its presentation and professionalism hide the fact it is insanely corrupt. One guy registered as a cripple and recieved the normal amount of mail saying how he was the man she was looking for. Beautiful, young and highly qualified. Dont spend years and thousands of dollars there to prove it for yourself.

Hotrussianbrides. A near complete waste of time. Most of the content is sexual to try and hook you into a conversation which costs money, and that is the goal. As a test I replied to about 12 sexual offers and realising I was in Odessa everyone of them found an excuse why she couldn’t meet me. Even the same success stories have been front page news for years and there is no evidence they even originated on the site.

ualadys; When I found my scammer there after our experiences they wouldn’t remove her no matter the evidence I presented. I have also spoken to some letter writers pretending to be the person in the photo. On one ocassion the style and content of the letters changed radically and it was clear then that the original letter writer had left the agency. I spoke with no one genuine and I would endorse the negative site reviews elsewhere.

Dreamsingles. I got 3-400 letters a day mostly from the under 25 crowd. I was 57 at the time. Like most sites a lot of nonsense goes on. I met someone off the site but had no connection. Unsure if she was real but I closed my account when I realised no one else I was talking to would meet finding all the normal excuses not to. Sudden business trip out of town, sick, mother sick etc etc. Used to be dreammarriage.com

VeronikaLove, This is a prime example of a letter writing factory. I forgot I had opened a profile just to have a look at the site. No profile information or profile photo. When I returned a few months later I had nearly 10,000 letters with some women having written 20-60 letters. I received correspondence from someone I had already met in real life and in none of the correspondence on veronicalove did ‘she’ recognise me. Written by an agency writer.  Mostly nonsense sexual content.

Find-bride, another site where those I was talking to all found the normal reasons they couldn’t meet, even though I had traveled around the world to meet them and they called me their future husband on site. I had numerous dishonest experiences including someone asking for money. I was sent exactly the same letter, word for word from 2 different profiles 3 months apart saying I was the most popular on the site. One lady agreed for me to buy her personal contact details then changed her mind. The next day there were 3 requests in my inbox asking for me to buy their contact details. Never had one before or since. I believe it is a contrived and manipulated site. It white washed each of my complaints as removing a ladies profile is lost income to them. I also wrote a ‘neutral’ blog about this industry for their blog, which is a good aspect to the site, though I was suspicious who was writing some of the content. They wouldn’t publish it which I felt revealed their real motivations.

Bride-forever, Didn’t have much experience here but saw nothing to keep me interested. Received an introductory letter from someone I was already talking to elsewhere which contradicted what that profile was saying on the other site. I reported it so they asked to see her passport to see if she was real. Didn’t solve the problem her agency wrote the letter.

Mariya-club, a lot of sexual content and meaningless letters and chat like other sites. I met someone who had a very difficult experience and the owner said she doesn’t check the girls before allowing them on the site. Says it all, as every other site claims some sort of check to at least make an appearance of preventing scams. The most immoral and dishonest site I experienced.

At its worse a womens profile check might just be a phone call and they could be talking to anybody. Some sites want to see their inner passport or to meet the lady. Ask the site what is their recruitment standard and stop supporting those sites who have low standards.