Around 2016 I knew some insiders in the dating industry and their opinions were about 20% of women on sites were genuine. One worked for AnastasiaDate who also quoted this figure. By 2018 that number has dropped considerably. The risks of coming to Ukraine and finding your wife have consequently also dropped considerably, but its not impossible with numerous precautions. Below are some recommendations.

Look elsewhere. The most obvious answer. Trying to negotiate this road on your own is difficult. Consider the risks and weigh your options. Ukraine may have your wife, but be aware of all the trouble and costs from the beginning. If this was purely a risk assessment or ecnomic equation you would probably stop now, but life is rarely like that. That beautiful younger Ukrainian wife with a 20-50 year age difference will most likely exist only in your fantasies. One of the biggest problems in this industry is SELF DENIAL. Many just wont accept their beautiful 20 year old who has been telling you age is just a number is quoting from the book of tricks and most cant accept ‘their girl’ is just earning to pay her way through university or the electricity bill. This is one of the most important lessons to be learned and the quicker it is the less heartache and wasted money.

There are now Ukrainian girls standing up against the corruption in this industry and say they are no different than any other country and 10-15 years age difference maximum is acceptable.

Most Ukrainian women don’t in fact want to leave Ukraine, as difficult as it is to live there. Their family values and friends make it an extremely difficult decision. Obviously some want to get out because of the social and economic problems or just because her husband lives elsewhere.

Be diligent with your search. Be realistic about age differences. The sites and girls have economic incentives to write and chat and earn to make you believe it is ok to have a 20-50 year age gap. I have personally seen no evidence in Ukraine of them in my 6 trips, including research for this site. They exist in all countries but are rare. Don’t expect it to be different in Ukraine. Going to a cafe or bar you will not be inundated with 20 year old girls hitting on you as you are on sites. You wont!!! Think Real life!!!

Don’t reach too far either from your personality, age or maybe professional level. Feel comfortable with the few women you choose to talk to. Be aware she will be talking to others too. She might look great in a bikini, but it doesnt mean she is the right person to be your life partner.

Two of the biggest problems with this industry is the pay per letter business model and using agencies to recruit the women. The pay per letter, or chat minute, incentivises using false profiles for us to talk to to maximise turn over. It is prevalent on nearly all sites that use this operating model. An alternative business model is to pay a monthly subscription and talk to as many women as you wish and exchange personal contact details as per elenasmodels.com.  Some sites wont deal with agencies and eliminating this unnecassary stage is something to look out for. The agencies are usually the dishonest link though the sites know what is happening.  They operate in the back ground and below is a description of how we are being fleeced of our money.

The most common scam is you are not talking to the person in the photo. It works like this. The site, agency or a photographer will advertise and offer free photo sessions. The girl will be brought in and given a serious make over, maybe 2-3 hours and Photoshop is used to finish the job. Have a look at the prevalent skin smoothing and blemish removal techniques which make them look unreal. You might not even recognise her if you met. Ask for some selfies during chat or letter writing. A site contracts agencies to recruit girls which gives the site a safe distance from the deception but they know what is going on even with all their denials, reassurances and scam protection policies. The agencies then usually engage letter writers which can be either male or female who will also talk in chat. If you request a video chat the girl in the photo will be called in or a prerecorded video can be played.

The girls on some sites are asked to watch a movie and are recorded. It is then used to play during a chat session. The typing, laughing, etc is out of sync with the chat session and a visible loop is noticeable, with the pattern then repeating. Report it to the site and dont tolerate any of this nonsense. Put pressure on these places to clean up their act. To check she is actually there ask her to raise her fingers.

Some girls may not know their profiles are online, possibly on many sites, or are being paid a rental for her photos. One girl I know of said she was earning $400US a month. (she had an unusually popular profile and this is not normal) That is a good income in Ukraine when $290US is the average. She is only earning a percentage so it is easy to imagine what the site and agency are earning. This is a multi million dollar industry running rampart over mens feelings and emptying our wallets with callous disregard and well thought out tricks. Its time to fight back and maybe even to withdraw completely. Challenge the site on whether the girl in the photo is the girl you are speaking to and seek a guarantee. Its time to ask questions and pressure for change.