Ukrainian Women

Genuine Ukrainian women are very beautiful people. When they look at you they look deep into you with wide open eyes and souls and have a beautiful vulnerability. At first I thought it was a come on but they are just being wonderful women. Their culture is generally family orientated so they are used to connecting well, but probably not as much as previous generations. It seems poverty, or living on the bread line as many do, day to day survival, and creating an income just to pay the bills and eat has created a self focus just as has materialism and competition in the west. Somewhere in the middle and the meeting of 2 cultures is a wonderful place. Its really nice to see generations of families out for a walk, couples walking together in a peaceful non threatening environment such as the center of Odessa. But obviously it isnt all perfect.

Are Ukrainian women the most beautiful in the world. I have heard this a lot. Of course there is personal taste, and there are very very beautiful women there as there are every where. It may be the frequency of stunning shapely women but this is tempered by the fact they also have a certain humble elegance and confidence they exude so average women look better than average. They dress simply but with style and put effort into looking good, no matter their financial status. It is probably closer to the truth they are more in competition with each other and to a lesser degree for men. They know how to look good and look after themselves well including exercise. There is not much obesity. Women are usually in good shape using gyms regularly and I suspect it is cheaper to have a sensible diet, though as of 2018 I have noticed more over weight people generally. Mac Donalds has arrived )

There is a shortage of men in Ukraine because of the war and there just being many more women than men. Some are looking to get out of Ukraine and its economic and social problems but interestingly as mentioned elsewhere, many don’t want to leave. They do generally have a more peaceful connection with each other which is nice to observe though the harshness in their tones which is an inherent quality of the Russian language at times is not easy to listen to.  Leaving for the west is a dream for some and the reasons differ. Often it is the case if they do leave Ukraine the early conversation with her man is to return every year, but it turns out statistically they might return every 3-5 years which can cause emotional hard ship for her.

Men are expected to be strong and take the lead. Maybe an unfamiliar role for western men who have got used to feminism and equality and women becoming more male. Roles in Ukraine are masculine and feminine but women are not submissive. It is a mix of self esteem and assertiveness whilst allowing the male to be strong and ‘dominant’ and make decisions.

Ukrainian men have been spoilt for generations and they might not even notice a beautiful woman passing by which happens with frequent monotomy ). There are good men and good families, but alcohol and male abusiveness is also prevalent and it is one reason women look to western men as they have heard we are ‘better’. Male alcohol problems and abusiveness of course exists in all cultures and it is a matter of prevalence. Adultery also seems unusually high in Ukraine and it takes 2 to tango so the man hasn’t acted alone.

If you do go to Ukraine it is possible to meet someone in normal life and is a good option. And it is easier than you think. Just pay many compliments, be genuinely respectful and learn ‘please, what is your telephone number’ in Russian! They wear their wedding ring on the right hand so be careful )

Another option can be to visit a genuine agency where women are real and not advertised on the internet. Contact this site for this option.

If you expect to come to Ukraine and have one night stands and an easy guaranteed marriage from the site you have been using then you might of chosen the wrong culture. Typically Ukraianian women will want to develop trust and a strong sense of connection. If you want things to be easier then try either Thailand or the Philipines. In Thailand I saw many, many European/Thai relationships and some with large age gaps. Fom the mouth of a Filipino, ‘Eoropean men are like winning lotto’. Take it as you please.

There is now a small growing middle class where previously there was only the lower and upper class. Seeing a Porsche Cayenne parked next to an old Lada is not so uncommon. For some girls income might help determine their choice of a partner. If you are ok about that sort of relationship then you will also be aware of the pitfalls.