Legal Page

Being scammed can be a deeply painful experience. What can make this betrayal difficult to resolve is not knowing the facts and so probably never being able to resolve them. I read a forensic psychologist report that confirmed romance scams can be very damaging and difficult to resolve. We can be left wondering if she ever really loved us?  There is self denial; what could I of done differently? Anything? Can it be fixed? Where did I go wrong? Why wont she communicate any more to sort it out? So many unanswerable questions, lost money, gifts and the painful realisation she lied, and you dont know for how long she was scheming. Was it right from the beginning or did she change her mind about you at some stage and prefer the money. Has she been influenced by a boyfriend or associate? All this whilst you had real and genuine feelings for her. I have experienced all this and it took a very long time to heal and resolve. In the end I felt sorry for her. Living life at such a low hypocritical level because she wouldnt want those things to happen to her.

Anger, revenge, self pity, and a broken heart might be some of the strongest emotions. Physical revenge is not wise, and the time taken to heal is the better option.

On this page you have the option to press charges through an English speaking lawyer in Odessa. What is hoped is this choice becomes more prevalent and becomes a warning to these girls and sites. Sometimes just beginning the police process might be all that is needed, and for others who may for example of lost a lot, court might be the best option. Its a choice each of us has to make.

You will need as many Western Union, Moneygram etc reciepts and bank statements as possible and all the associated emails, letters or chats inferring need or asking directly for money, laptops, phones etc.

If you have offered to give money or an item then it is considered a gift and not an offense.

To have your situation viewed by a lawyer the cost is $100USD and guidance will be given on how best to proceed, and if you have enough evidence.

To have a case prepared and taken to the police may cost up to $400USD depending on circumstances. They will normally call her in for an interview, which may be pretty scary for her. She might get a month in jail if circumstances warrant it. The more charges are pressed, we hope the less these girls are willing to take the risk. We arent pressing charges just for ourself.

For any questions please contact us.