• The purpose of this site is to help inform and support men to deal with the nature of the dating industry in Ukraine and understand the risks and to minimise them. When we talk on sites we are ususally isolated in front of our computer screens.


The positives

This site is not meant to be a negative treatise on the dating industry associated with Ukraine. What is unfortunate is the level of misuse, deception and corruption is so high the few genuine women are extremely difficult to find and getting harder. We hope with the continually updated information on this site we can help make your experience as positive as possible. But pleaseā€¦read everything carefully. Sometimes the reality is worse than the words.

Ukraine (not ‘the Ukraine’) is an interesting part of the world, separating from the USSR in 1990. The old soviet style buildings and attitudes still exist but particularly in the south and west of the country western attitudes are being embraced. The east is still a war zone, now largely unreported. A city centre may have stunning old architecture but derelict old industrial buildings and crammed apartment lifestyles most westerners would find impossible is normal. Corruption is still rife and an average wage is around $290US per month as of March 2018. A waiter for example might earn $100US per month but is dependent on tips of 10% to buy food and necessities.

Some think because they have travelled the world visiting Ukraine will be easy. Few ever find it that way and one study suggests 100% of men visiting Ukraine will be scammed one way or another. We attempt to outline these tricks and minimise your exposure to the high level of risk.


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